Eggs and Cup, 16 X 18, framed, acrylics and gels, January 2016.

Three pieces of my art will be on display at the Community Keg House ( in Northeast, Minneapolis. The Keg House will have its grand opening Friday, January 16. Seven other artists will be also be featured. The Community Keg House is a great new tap house and it is an excellent venue for art, with high ceilings, beautiful walls and natural light, as well as 20 different locally-crafted beers. The owner is very supportive of artists, authors, and musicians. 

Goldenrod, 48 X 30, acrylics, gallery canvas. January 2016.

Nye's in Northeast Minneapolis. 


Lady at Bus Stop Outside of Nye's Polonaise Bar.

Acrylics, 20 X 16, December 2015.




Acrylics, gel. 40 X 30. Framed. December 2015.

Art collectors from St. Cloud, Minnesota bought the painting "Like the Wren", a painting which is my take on contemporary Emily Dickinson. 


The exchange felt particularly apropos as Emily is going to hang in the home of fine poets and music lovers. 




The art collector from Richmond, Virginia, who purchased "The Audience", sent me this lovely picture of the painting hanging on a bedroom wall.

Just sold a painting. An art collector from Richmond, Virginia, bought my painting "The Audience". I am happy that it is going to a good home. And BTW, my paintings make great holiday gifts. Just sayin'.