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An art collector in Blaine, Minnesota purchased "The Blue Jacket". This painting is 20 X 20, on a gallery canvas. Acrylic paints. I did this painting in 2014.

An art collector in Norfolk, England, has purchased the painting "The Kid at the Interview." This is my first piece of art sold outside the United States. Below is an image of the painting.

"The Kid at the Interview," 20 X 20, acrylic, pumice texture.

I went to Eastern Michigan University and I was a literature major. So I had to take lots of English classes. This is a painting from memory of one of my profs. I can't remember his name, but from the looks of this painting, he probably had a jaundiced liver from drinking too much booze.

English Professor, acrylic on paper, 9X7 framed under glass.

This painting has been hanging around my neck a couple years, unfinished and unloved. I felt it was a mostly finished painting that was boring. The more I looked at it, the more I swore at it, wanting it to have a little more zing, so I would like it. Recently, I worked on it and now I think I like it. 

Chimney Smoke. Heavily textured with inclusions. Acrylics and pumice, pebbles, sand.

She enjoyed standing on her roof. Sometimes she waved at passersby. At other times, she gave them the finger. 

36X12 on a gallery canvas. Acrylic and pumice. January 2017.

This lady was standing outside Nye's Polonaise Room (which is now gone, one of the world's best bars destroyed for condominiums). She was clutching her iphone. This painting was originally posted on my blog in December 2015.  I added Bob Spycat, Super Spy Cat as her iphone wallpaper.

Woman Standing at the Bus Stop with her Iphone. 20 X 16, acrylics and gel.




This painting was originally a still life of flowers. The title (above) is what I found inscribed by pencil on the back of the canvas stretcher. I changed it up a little bit.

With Love by Mom, 16 X 20, acrylics.

A number of my pieces were purchased by an art collector from San Francisco for his townhouse in southwest Minneapolis. Among the pieces are "Somali Women on Central Avenue", "At the Table", "Mojave Desert, California", "Georgia O'Keefe", and a diptych "Red/Blue". Below are images of three of the paintings.