Every artist seems to do some sort of still life with flowers. This is my still life. I added teeth just because I can. This painting sold while the paint was still drying. It is going to an art collector who lives in a beautiful mid-century home in Palm Springs, California.

Still Life With Teeth. 20 X 20 in a gallery canvas. Acrylics.

What happened behind those windows? What did these buildings witness? Did anyone keep a journal or a diary that tells us a story? 

12 X 36 inches on a gallery canvas 1.5 inches deep. Acrylic, pumice and dirt.


I'm having space issues! My studio space is packed with too much art (see video). And not only my studio, I have art all over my house. If I had a business degree, I'd be better at promotion, but I have a literature degree, which means I can analyze complex ideas, theories and discuss the impact of literary movements, as well as critical approaches that have shaped the way we view our world today. But I'm not good at selling my art. Nonetheless, here's a video that explains my delimma:


An art collector in Washington DC has purchased two pieces of art. No, the buyer is not President Obama, but someone who is employed with the state department. The pieces sold are called "Dog with a Huge Tongue" and "She Loved Books, Art, and Carrots".


30 X 40, acrylics and oil paint. A nice painting to put above the head board of your bed. 


Bob Spycat, Super Spy Cat is weirded out by the anti-science folks who think the world is flat (Flat Earth Society), climate change does not exist, and evolution doesn't really happen. 


40 X 40 in a floating black wood frame. acrylics, pumice, very textured, with parts of a world globe attached.

16 X 20, pastels under glass, framed. 


I have completed a few paintings and I'm working on a number of others. I'm also doing some other things. 


One project I have resurrected is my zine, True Story!, which I have not worked on since I completed issue # 8 back in 2010. I hope to have a new issue (# 9) by the holidays. Here's a picture from the cover of True Story! # 2, from November 2003:



True Story! # 2 is famous for the "Bob the Iguana" story. Other projects I am doing are cigar box installations. Here's one with Wonder Woman, a lot of corks, and Mark Twain cussing out bears. My son Zeb watches from overhead:



I am currently working on two other box installations. Here's a painting I did based on Joan Miro's Blue. I changed my version up some and added a three-dimensional T-rex. The painting is 36 X 36 on a gallery canvas and I call it Tyrannosaurus Miro.



But I also have a number of other projects and paintings. I'll post more some time. This is enough for now.