I created this book cover for Tami Spry's latest book on performative autoethnography. The book is published through Routledge Publishing. The medium I utilized for the cover art is pastels. 


I used a few teaspoons of salt in this painting, which gives the ocean a glittery sheen. 

One Whale, 16 X 20 inches, acrylics and salt, pumice. January 2016.

This would be a great painting for a university's science department or maybe a kid's room.  It's a large painting and would look great on a big wall.


Fat Cardinal, 40 X 30, acrylics, crepe paper, gel, and pumice.

Paintings of birds, whales, a worm, and cat.  Coffee helps, as does wine. 

Eggs and Cup, 16 X 18, framed, acrylics and gels, January 2016.

Three pieces of my art will be on display at the Community Keg House (http://www.communitykeghouse.com/) in Northeast, Minneapolis. The Keg House will have its grand opening Friday, January 16. Seven other artists will be also be featured. The Community Keg House is a great new tap house and it is an excellent venue for art, with high ceilings, beautiful walls and natural light, as well as 20 different locally-crafted beers. The owner is very supportive of artists, authors, and musicians. 

Goldenrod, 48 X 30, acrylics, gallery canvas. January 2016.

Nye's in Northeast Minneapolis. 


Lady at Bus Stop Outside of Nye's Polonaise Bar.

Acrylics, 20 X 16, December 2015.