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Commie cats and Commie artist.

20 X 20 on a gallery canvas, acrylic.


I am huge fan of Matisse and I hope he doesn't mind I kind of adopted his style. These two paintings are sort of like the women he would have portrayed on canvas back in the day. 


Both are 36 X 12 on deep gallery canvas, painted on all edges. The one on the left is called The Blue Blouse and the other is The Blue Shawl. Acrylic, pumice. Very textured.


Go sports! Yay sports! Team! Let's drink cheap beer!


Ball Team, acrylic on board. 36 X 24, framed.

It has been a very difficult year; I lost a son. I had an issue at work. I had to reconcile a lot of emotional issues. But in the end I have been able to find support from my family and friends. With great loving people all around me, I made a huge but very tough decision --- I decided to give myself a gift. I retired from my career in education.


The hard times impacted my artistic output. I feel most of my art from the past year, going back to last summer, just is outright crap. Try as I might, I was not able to give time and patience to my art. Furthermore, I felt I could not tap into the creative process and zen aspect of creation I find so necessary when I am painting.


Today I finished this painting. I like it.

I'm ready to move forward. 


This acrylic painting is called The Blue Blouse (after Matisse). She is 36 X 12 on a gallery canvas 2" deep, painted on all edges. I hope you like it.

Upon moving into my new studio space, I decided to use found objects on an unfinished canvas. It was a fun experiment. But does the painting work? I'm not sure but it helps me continue the process.


Big Fish, Small Fish, Big Dot, Small Dot. Acrylic, pumice, gels, oil paint stick, thread, fossilized fish, cigar box lid, wicker, glass. 44 X 30 X 2. March 2016.

We think we know the world. 

But sometimes when we are sitting idly

on a swing,

there are things going on around us

we will never understand.

And we shouldn't.

It is in a deminsion and language

not meant for us.


A Language Not Meant For us, 36 X 24, in a floating frame, acrylic, oil paint pens on canvas, March 2016.

With this painting I am trying to refine a particular direction. As a person who has always doodled and played, I have a number of sketches in pencil or pen that are very mindless and free flowing. These paintings are generally without much strategic planning. I try to just let myself go with it. I find the experience very enjoyable, much like back in the day when I indulged more freely in hallucinagenic at-risk behaviors. 


Larry Rivers was a radical abstract expressionist American artist, known as one of the founders of "pop art." I recently saw one of his paintings and just loved it; I was intrigued by the color and simple lines. Back at my studio, I attempted to do my own Larry Rivers-style painting.


Nude (after Larry Rivers). Acrylics, gel, pumice. January 2016.

I created this book cover for Tami Spry's latest book on performative autoethnography. The book is published through Routledge Publishing. The medium I utilized for the cover art is pastels.