These two wonderful older people never cut their grass. With two lawn chairs, they sit in the sun, observing the neighborhood, and waving to passersby. People said they were odd but very sweet. Supposedly he had worked in the steel mills of Pittsburgh for 40 years. They said she almost always had a book in her hand.


They Never Cut Their Grass, 20 X 20 X 1.5 on a gallery canvas, acrylics, with gel and pumice. November 2015. 

Bukowski (#1). 40 X 30, acrylics, canvas. November 2015.

Charles Bukowski (# 3), 24 X 18, acrylics, pumice. 

Global Warming, 20 X 20 canvas, spray paint, acrylics, parts from a student globe. November 2015.


Prairie, 30 X 40, acrylic, pumice. 

Things eventually fall down.

This canvas has been through so many machinations I cannot remember what is under all the paint and grit. But each lost painting added it's own distinct pattern and color scheme. It was a few weeks ago I glanced at the canvas and I saw a semblance of the world. Staring into the layers of paint, I wanted to add continents. With a sharp knife and a skill saw, I cut up a student globe. Adding the continents to a flat canvas put forth many questions: Will our earth survive the onslaught of humans? How will oil spills and acidic oceans change the planet? What about global warming? Will we always have a "blue planet"?


Global Warming is Flattening the Earth, 36 X 36. Acrylics, pumice, cardboard cutouts from a student globe.

"I had no portrait, now, but am small, like the wren; and my hair is bold, like the chestnut bur; and my eyes, like the sherry in a glass, that the guest leaves."

--- Emily Dickinson


Like the Wren, 40 X 30, acrylics, pumice. October 2015.

She had seen a lot of life. Not much surprised her. She'd been around the block. But she loved to have fun. She loved to dance and laugh. So tonight she would wear the little black dress with the red bow.


Red Bow, 20 X 16, acrylic, pumice on a canvas mounted on board. Framed.