An old building sitting alone in a field, long abandoned. No other structures to be seen. There are the remains of old tire ruts near the doors. A tractor shed?


Tractor Shed. 24 X 48. Acrylics and house paints. August 2015

I am in my new studio space. After two months of house selling and hunting, with all of my materials packed away, I am finally able to see my paints and brushes again.

A wonderful Minneapolis art collector and friend who recently purchased the painting "Dream House".

An abstract man eating an abstract bag of popcorn, while sipping from an abstract bottle.

Man Eating Popcorn. 30 X 40. Oil paint sticks.

Old Farm House. 30 X 40. Oil paint sticks and oil pastels. June 2015.

This is another painting I have worked on and off for a year or more. Kind of trippy.


Two Cats. 18 X 24. Spray paint, oil pen, acrylics. May 2015.

This painting has had a few different titles. It is a painting that I thought was finished a year ago, then I worked on it some more last month, and at that time I felt it was finished. But last night I looked it over and said to myself, "That sucker is boring," so I went at it again.


Based on what's going on in the painting, I renamed it Augenblick, which is a German word which means "decisive moment" or "moment of clarity."


Augenblick. 18 X 24. Oil pastels, oil pens. May 2015.

Four Women Looking. 20 X 16. Oil pastels on canvas, framed. 2013.

This painting won an award a couple years ago.