My art received a very nice review in a published blog post.

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This is an accidental painting. A few weeks ago, I drew Georgia O'Keefe from a Steiglitz photograph and I didn't care for what I had. The painting sat against the wall with me looking at it askance, unhappy with it. After awhile, I decided the painting wasn't worth keeping, so I covered the entire canvas up with black oil stick.


So what now? I studied the blackness for a few minutes and for the heck of it I took a spatula to it, scraping the fresh paint off. As Georgia was revealed, I realized I had something I could live with.

This painting includes three canvases. The two small canvases, each 6 inches square, are attached to the larger canvas, giving the painting a three-dimensional look. Inclusions of acrylic gobs are also attached.


How to Make.... 20 X 20, acrylics, inclusions. February 2015.

I saw some great paintings online by an artist named Jane Mackey. She paints with palette knives and I was so turned on by her work I tried to emulate her, sans the palette knives. Using a large 36 X 36 canvas, I used brushes and painted this goblet.


Goblet, 36 X 36 on a gallery canvas. Acrylics, gels.

This is a painting of an old Minnesota farm house. I am at a point where I am not sure if the painting is complete -- I like it right now but I don't love it. I've decided to let it sit for awhile; after some time, I may go at it again.


Minnesota Farm House. 24 X 24, acrylics.

I will be showing my art at the Milaca Arts Center, along with fellow artist Heidi Jeub, from February 14 to March 6. Opening night will be Saturday, 7-10 pm, February 14. Brett Lawson and Miss Becky will provide live music from 8-930 pm. For opening night, bring your favorite beverage; food and wine will be available, also.


Milaca Arts Center, 170 2nd Ave Sw in beautiful downtown Milaca.



Here's a pic of me, looking very Irish, wine in hand, standing next to my painting "Exhale" at the Blue Mountain Gallery in the Chelsea Fine Arts district of New York City.


The lady in the painting looks like she is checking me out.

Plowed fields and a distant farmstead off the highway.


Central Minnesota Farmscape. 24 X 36. Acrylic, gels, sand, leaves, gravel.