Since I live in the midwest, where there are plenty of corn and soybean crops (all tainted with GMOs, by the way), as well as people with pitchforks, I decided to paint my own American Gothic ala Grant Wood.

American Gothic Redux, 11 x 14, acrylics, oil paint sticks.

During the depression, when she was a teen growing up in Pittsburgh, they called her "Spanish", because of her dark curly hair and olive skin. This, even though she was a girl whose grandparents immigrated from western Ireland.


In story, the dark-skinned Irish are referred to as the Black Irish or the dark ones. Her complete name was Eleanor Mary McNamara. This is a painting of my mother, circa 1935.


"Young Eleanor", 20 x 20, acrylics, gel.

Though she had both eyes on one side of her head, she resolutely cut into the smoked fish, knowing the fish would taste wonderful with her lonely bottle of stout beer.

In the Kitchen, 20 x 16, framed, oil pastels and oil paint sticks

This painting is heavily textured. Lots of gobbleygook. I used a half-dry chunk of house paint from the bottom of a paint can and I slapped it on this canvas. Then I spray painted the whole thing red, followed by the acrylic house and landscape.


Lights on Upstairs, 24 x 18, house paint, spray paint, and acrylics.

Interpretation of my painting ala J. Peterman: The joint was packed, every table was taken. He was hungry, thirsty, and not at ease. But the bar had a couple of seats open. Sitting down he ordered a bottle and a whole fish. He had all he needed. The walls and tables disappeared. Only the wine, his glass, and the fish remained.


At the Bar, 48 x 30 x 1.5 inches on a gallery canvas. Acrylics, gels, and pumice.

A dark night and a truck stop in the desert between between Twenty-Nine Palms, California and the Arizona border. This scene takes me back to the 1972-73, when I was crazy, smoking, tripping and drinking in the Marines, returning to base after partying on the Colorado River.


"Mojave Desert, California", 24 x 24, acrylics.

The party was boring. The hosts were dopes. The food was catered by Taco Bell. As she lights her cigarette, she takes a drag, exhales, and asks, "I dressed up for this?"

Exhale, 28 x 22, acrylics, gels, pumice.

Two Houses is my take on Charles Burchfield's painting, Landscape with Orange Sun. His painting was a watercolor while mine is completely done with oil paint sticks.

Two Houses, 28 x 22, oil paint sticks.