This is a painting I was in the midst of, having just placed a sketch of the building in the center. My wife and friends dropped by (John Capecci, local smart guy, and Rob Kirby, Ignatz award winning cartoonist) and they all thought the painting was finished.

I thought the painting had a ways to go, but on second glance I agreed.

House Number Two, 48 x 24 x 1.5, spray paint, house paint, acrylics.

My painting, "Woman with a Cigar" took 4th place (Honorable Mention Award) out of 171 entrants on Friday night at the Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, Louisiana. The juror was James Micholopolos of New Orleans and Burgundy.

This painting is more chaotic then my previous 'house' paintings, simultaneously allowing hope and hopelessness, lights indicating life in a gray lifeless house, the green and black offering calm and chaos at once. 


The house seems and seems not part of backgrounded human landscape, as it almost floats out of the painting, depicting a world out of control. The house offers the possibility of refuge.


"House on Red Street", spray paint, latex house paint, acrylics on a 24 x 48 gallery canvas.

The old brown house is a farm house, one you might see on the edge of a small mid-western town or on a farm. Sometimes they are abandoned and falling slowly apart, like an ancient glacier calving into a cold bay. But on occasion, one will be surprised to see a light in the window and you wonder, how many lives have known that old clapboard home? What stories can that old house tell?


The red building is based on a very old building in Minneapolis. According to knowledgeable people, it was a brothel back in the day. The actual building in Minneapolis is three times wider than my version, but I narrowed it up.

"Old Brown House with Red Building", 24 x 36, acrylic and pumice on a gallery canvas. August 2014.





I used a four inch drywall joint knife (scraper) to spread the base paints for "Gray House." This is the fourth or fifth painting in my landscape series of 'houses'. I enjoy painting these old houses and buildings. Two of these paintings sold right away and I have to admit I miss them.


36 x 24, acrylics, pumice, and gel.

A landscape with an old brown house and a distant horizon with some ominous characters in it. Acrylic, pumice, and gel on a 36 x 18 x 1.5 gallery frame.

Here's a closeup on the horizon:

"The Dream House" and "Nye's Bar, Minneapolis" sold to an art collector in Minneapolis. The painting "Man Sitting on a Couch Playing with a Ball" sold to a friend in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

The Dream House, 30 x 30 gallery canvas.


Nye's Bar, Minneapolis. 12 x 16 framed.


"Man Sitting on a Couch Playing with a Ball", 20 x 20 gallery canvas.

The Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, Louisiana, has selected "Woman with a Cigar" to be included in the Alexandria Museum of Art's 27th Annual September Competition Exhibition.


Here's the "Woman with a Cigar":