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Found this excellent frame at a thrift store and replaced the the old frame on the painting Cold Wind, which I did a few years ago. I love old elaborate frames, but they are hard to come by anymore. 

An art collector in Ypsilanti, Michigan and a wonderful dear friend of many decades, has purchased 19 Birds for her husband. This painting was a lot of fun to paint, as I just kept adding more and more birds, until it felt done. Acrylic with lots of heavy gel and textures, it is 36 x 36 on a gallery canvas. I am so happy it is going to a loving home.


Space Stuff. Another fun painting with flying saucers, aliens buried underground, spaceships, and more. 36 x 36 pumice, acrylic, inclusions and gel.

More aliens, skeletons, spaceships and flying saucers. And they're all hanging around Planet Nine. 36 x 36, pumice acrylics, inclusions, and gel.


Art collectors in Minneapolis purchased Another Saturday Night.

This painting is from a photograph taken in 1945. My mom was 25 at that time and they had been married five years already. My dad's shoulder, just to the left of my mother, is the only picture I have of him until some pics I took in 80s, after I found him. I guess my mother may have clipped this photo after my father left us, but I really don't know. It's one of the many mysteries of a family history that I do not have answers for.

18X24 gallery canvas.



This painting is based on a photograph taken in 1950, in or around Pittsburgh. This person is one of the Crowley's, who would be a distant cousin to me. The missing part of the photo is where my father would have been standing. I am not sure who tore the photo.

48 x 24 gallery canvas.