My series of paintings depicting steel workers (three paintings) has been accepted for a portrait competition at the Squidink Gallery. This is an online gallery. 

Art opening on Friday night at the Artless Bastard (which I think is one of the best gallery names ever).

My Painting "Resettlement in Newfoundland" has been selected for the Broken Hearts Show at the Artless Bastard Gallery in De Pere, Wisconsin. The show will open on February 2. If you live in Minneapolis and want to get away from all the superbowl hoopla going on that weekend, you should go to De Pere! 

The painting is on a gallery canvas, 36 X 48. It covers a wall nicely.

An art collector in Evansville, Indiana has purchased "Bear with a Martini." This collector is what I would call a connoisseur, an expert on the matters of taste, when it comes to martinis. This painting is 20 X 20 on a gallery canvas.


At the Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis there is an amazing painting called "A Guy from the Urals" by Vasilii Andreyevich Neyasov. The painting is of a steelworker, the builder of Communism who lived to serve his motherland. I liked this painting so much, I wanted to have my own. For my painting I used my son as a model, standing in a similar pose. 


My painting is untitled, although I could just as well say it is my son. The painting is a mix of acrylics with sand and pumice, on a gallery canvas with all four edges painted. 


Colette was a force in the early 20th century. She wrote novels, performed on stage, was a journalist, and pushed the envelope on society's mores and norms. She was interesting, thoughtful, and I like to think she might be fun at a dinner party. 

36 X 36, acrylics, pumice. $550.

19 Birds, on a gallery canvas. Acrylics and pumice. 36 X 36. 

An art collector from St. Paul, Minnesota, purchased the painting Mother and Pups. 

Another art collector, Blaine, Minnesota now has the dyptyk Martinis Straight Up, Dirty.