Here's a short studio video explaining why I like to paint on newspaper. 


Please make plans to attend Art to Change the World at Squirrel Haus Arts from October 4-14.

20 artists and 20 topics. Topics include Historical Trauma, Recovery, Environmental Corporate Abuse, Labor/Unions, Gender/Sexual Equality, Water issues, and much more.

Opening night is October 6.

Friends night is October 5 and tickets to support this special evening are $75.

Squirrel Haus is located in south Minneapolis. Please check out the website






An art collector in Washington DC has purchased Pussy Hat. I painted this immediately following the marches which took place world-wide in response to the bully and blowhard becoming president. This painting is on a gallery canvas, 12 inches wide and 36 inches long. Acrylics and pumice.



An art collector in De Pere, Wisconsin has purchased my painting Grumpy's Northeast. This painting is a tribute to Grumpy's Bar, which is a small dive bar located within the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. The bar has been around for seemingly centuries. It's a great place to hang out, get a beer or what have you. 

I am currently working on approximately ten paintings concerning local environmental issues and losses, water quality issues, corporate and political apathy and abuse, genetic engineering, global warming, and more. One example of a local corporate abuse is the Polymet Mine proposed near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.


The impetus for this project came about when I became a member of the foundation Art to Change the World


The specific purpose of the non-profit Art To Change the World is to create opportunities for partnerships to defend human and civil rights and to protect the environment and build a safe and nurturing community for all people who seek to live a considered life and meet at the intersections of art and natural and social sciences. The foundation will partner with artists, educators, scientists, change makers and supporters to pursue funding and advancement of social practice art exhibitions and events. The purpose of these events and exhibitions is to  provoke discussion, reflection and action on a wide variety of topics.


My paintings will be shown at the Squirrel Haus Gallery in south Minneapolis in October 2018 along with approximately 20 other artists with various social justice themes.



My series of paintings depicting steel workers (three paintings) has been accepted for a portrait competition at the Squidink Gallery. This is an online gallery. 

Art opening on Friday night at the Artless Bastard (which I think is one of the best gallery names ever).