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I have completed a few paintings and I'm working on a number of others. I'm also doing some other things. 


One project I have resurrected is my zine, True Story!, which I have not worked on since I completed issue # 8 back in 2010. I hope to have a new issue (# 9) by the holidays. Here's a picture from the cover of True Story! # 2, from November 2003:



True Story! # 2 is famous for the "Bob the Iguana" story. Other projects I am doing are cigar box installations. Here's one with Wonder Woman, a lot of corks, and Mark Twain cussing out bears. My son Zeb watches from overhead:



I am currently working on two other box installations. Here's a painting I did based on Joan Miro's Blue. I changed my version up some and added a three-dimensional T-rex. The painting is 36 X 36 on a gallery canvas and I call it Tyrannosaurus Miro.



But I also have a number of other projects and paintings. I'll post more some time. This is enough for now.