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I decided I had a boring bicycle immediately after I purchased it last year. It just looked boring. Dull. And it kind of had that geezer look about it, which is fine -- nothing against geezers -- but I don't want the geezer look at this time.   

So I decided to change my bike into a thing I would like to look at and ride. In my studio, as I planned projects for painting, I began attaching wine corks to my bike. I had no end-point or vision; it was just open a bottle of wine, begin drinking, and glue the cork to the bike. 

Friends gave me lots of corks and made my wine consumption easier. Hence, I did not have to become a complete wino, just a partial wino. After adding a few hundred corks, the bike looked interesting and different, but it was missing something. I could not put my finger on it. A couple weeks passed, then viola! I needed to add a cutting board and a wine bottle carrier. I finished it this past weekend and took it for its first ride today. This is what the bike looks like. I might change it or add something else if I think of another idea, but right now I'm fresh out of cork-ridden thoughts.

With a bottle of rose wine in the carrier (above). 


Spokes completely covered in corks. May help to keep the bike unsinkable.


Wine bottle carrier. I used hardware cloth, wire, gorilla glue and canvas bag handles. 

Buddha wants some sliced apple and funky cheese with his wine.