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Newfoundland had a profound effect on me, even though I was there only five days last year. But look, this place is way the heck out there, as far east as you can go in North America. Next stop is Greenland or Ireland, a short plane ride away. The place is beautiful and culturally unique, but many places are beautiful in this world.


What I keep remembering are the stories and photos of the "resettlement" that happened between the 1950s and 1970s. Entire communities, mostly fishing villages, were told by the Canadian government that they would no longer get much in the way of services or support. Hence, some families moved their most precious possession, their homes, to a place where there would be schools, police, clinics, etc. They pulled the houses across the ice or they waited till summer and floated the house on barrels, which was a chancy proposition with waves and seas.


Resettlement in Newfoundland, 36 X 48, gallery canvas.