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Art collectors from Ramsey, Minnesota purchased a commissioned painting based on the band Mumford and Sons.


To get an idea of how and what to paint, I printed out the lyrics to five songs that meant something to the art collectors -- I also listened to a bunch of Mumford songs, as I was mostly unfamiliar with the band.


I was taken with the lyrics from the song Hopeless Wanderer. The last line of the song is "I will learn to love the skies I'm under."


I used acrylic paint, pumice, thin art paper, and Thompson's Whiskey.

Using tissue and typing paper, I transferred the lyrics from the song Hopeless Wanderer. I soaked the paper in acrylic medium and whiskey, then I added it to the canvas. I also used regular printer paper with the lyrics, as well.

The band would like to start a whiskey brewery, as they are big whiskey afficionados. Hence, the whiskey in the art.


The title is The Skies I'm Under. The painting is 24 x 48 inches on a gallery canvas.