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Before I started painting I did a zine. It is called True Story! and I have done eight issues, which worked out to one zine per year. After the second or third issue, the Utne Magazine awarded me the 2005 Utne Independent Press Awards for best self-published zine in the US.




The last issue was self-published in January 2010. By self-published, I mean I went to the print shop and printed the thing. Each issue is about 30 or so pages long. Each page is a four-panel cartoon with one story from my life (or somewhere). I gave away many copies to friends, sold some. Here's an example of page from True Story!:


bg_29271389747540.jpgI am not sure if I will do a ninth issue. Maybe, but doing a zine takes time and is some work, no doubt. But when I was doing the zine, I met a number of very good writers and artists at zine conventions and through email. 


Okay, this is enough for now.