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Zen Buddha Meteor is a large acrylic, pumice, and gel painting. This canvas had gone through many changes and permutations. It began as a portrait, inspired by Frank Auerbach's work, but it never took, never looked right to me. I was not happy with it. Hanging in my studio for a couple of months, disliked, the canvas became the catch-all for leftover paint from my other works.


When I was done painting for the day, and I had paints in my tray or on my brush, I would turn to this canvas and literally throw the paint at it. After a few weeks, the canvas became something else, transforming but still I had no direction. Then one weekend, I went at it with white, black and red paint.  I painted the meteor which became the Buddha.


There is a lot of paint on this canvas. It weighs a few pounds, for sure. It is 38 inches wide by 44 inches high on 1.5 deep inch stretchers.