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As a little kid in the sixties, with no dad around, and Mom working to support three boys and a baby daughter, I remember Mom made us meals like watered-down beans on bread, fried bread, or maybe ketchup sandwiches.  We were all living pretty close to the bone. I think all of us were hungry but we didn't know any better, so it goes. Occasionally Mom would bring home some scrapple, which we all loved because it was real meat, sort of, and you could put gobs of ketchup or mustard on it.


That experience inspired the painting, Mustard with Scrapple. This painting is a set of two, 20 x 20 x 1.5 inches, pianted on all edges in an abstract style I have seen around the Twin Cities and on some website galleries.


Mustard with Scrapple, acrylic on a course pumice base, with inclusions.