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Using oil paint sticks on a base of acrylic pumice, I painted another woman with a cigar.  My first Woman with a Cigar was done completely with acrylics. That acrylic piece was at the Flow Art Space exhibit "Woman" most of the month of May 2014 (see my previous blog entry). I have had a lot of positive feedback regarding the cigar-smoking woman, so I just completed Woman with a Cigar No. 2, but as mentioned above, using oil paint sticks, which gives a completely different look on the canvas. The oil paint sticks adhere to the canvas differently, more chaotically than the acrylics. The way the paint is torn off the stick by the sandpaper-like pumice leaves me wondering how the painting will turn out. Sometimes it's successful, sometimes not so much. Here she is:

This painting is 20 x 20, as opposed to the first Woman... which was 30 x 30.

I am enamored with oil paint sticks.