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I had this 30 x 30 canvas and I was sure I was going to do a portrait of some sort, because, you know, lately I prefer painting portraits. I look for a story (or try to see a story) when I view a portrait. The same is true when I paint a portrait.


But last week I was at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts -- one of the great museums of the world -- checking out the very cool art with my son.  I came across an artist called Charles Burchfield. He was doing his thing in the first half of the twentieth century. He was one of America's first abstract painters, conjoining primitivism with modernism. But what I liked were his austere landscapes.


So I went home and looked at my canvas. And I decided to do my own thing with a Burchfield twist -- a dark simple lopsided home with a psychedelic blast of colors.


I call this The Dream House. It is acrylic paint with a pumice base.