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Man with Colors is an experiment that took awhile to come to fruition. As the painting progressed I became disenchanted with my efforts and put the painting aside, deciding instead to work on "The Dream House", "Kerouac"  and others (previous blogs, which you all should read out of the goodness of your hearts). 


Anyway, I did not care for the studio portrait painting. For one thing, I was not satisfied with the person I drew. It looked like some zombie or bummed out character. I felt the painting was incomplete, empty, and boring. 


So the disliked canvas sat against the wall. I sneered at it occasionally.  But after I finished "The Dream House" I was out of canvasses and things to paint on. I had the painting jones, had to do something, so I decided to work on the thing. I tried some stuff and things, got frustrated a bit, then went big with some color. I wasn't sure it was done until my wife told me it was done.


Man with Colors, 24 x 30, acrylic on a canvas panel.