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I revisited and repainted Poetry at the Brew Pub, a painting I thought I finished a few weeks ago. I felt the former look was too muddy.


This painting is based on a brew pub in Minneapolis.


I have been looking at Soviet-era paintings at the Museum of Russian Art and in various books, including Soviet Art 1920-1930 and Soviet Disunion: Socialist Realist & Noncomformist Art.  I appreciate the social evolution that lead to the creation of art depicting Russian men and women workers going about their everyday duties, whether it is running a steel mill, driving a tractor, building a massive dam, or sitting with friends downing shots of vodka. Plus, my dad was a steelworker in Pittsburgh and I saw these faces in the pubs that he frequented.


Poetry at the Brew Pub, 28 X 22 X 1.5 on a gallery canvas. Acrylics.