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It's been a couple of years now since I started blogging and posting my art. I have been working on the premise that I would do a piece of art, then post it, and blog about it a little. My plan was to finish a painting and blog at least every two weeks or less. But it soon became apparent to me this plan was somewhat flawed because it meant that in order to post a blog, I had to complete a painting.


So in other words, I needed to be a very prolific artist.


This is nuts. This is a bad premise. This is not a good plan.


Working full time doing what I do for money, it is difficult to keep up this artistic pace.


Unbeknownst to most people, I am lucky if I do one good painting to every three paintings I attempt. Hence, for example, I will start a portrait of some lady smoking a pipe and after three or four days I look at it and say to myself (or even outloud) "I hate this thing."


Meanwhile, some unfinished abstract canvas is staring at me from a pile of unfinished pieces. I know the abstract has potential but right now it is boring. I pick it up and hang it on the wall. I turn it upside down. I lay it on the floor. I throw it back on the pile.


In frustration, I grab a blank canvas and do some crazyass painting and by some weird luck it turns out to be a pretty good piece of art. The crazyness may be another gal smoking but this time the painting looks excellent. This happens sometimes and I feel pretty fortunate when this happens.


But as of late, I haven't been hitting homeruns. The last bunch of paintings I have worked on -- well, they all suck I think. I'm in a drought. I have not been feeling it.


But I know the pendulum will swing back.