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It has been a very difficult year; I lost a son. I had an issue at work. I had to reconcile a lot of emotional issues. But in the end I have been able to find support from my family and friends. With great loving people all around me, I made a huge but very tough decision --- I decided to give myself a gift. I retired from my career in education.


The hard times impacted my artistic output. I feel most of my art from the past year, going back to last summer, just is outright crap. Try as I might, I was not able to give time and patience to my art. Furthermore, I felt I could not tap into the creative process and zen aspect of creation I find so necessary when I am painting.


Today I finished this painting. I like it.

I'm ready to move forward. 


This acrylic painting is called The Blue Blouse (after Matisse). She is 36 X 12 on a gallery canvas 2" deep, painted on all edges. I hope you like it.